Hotel Verde Supports Crate-Free Pork Suppliers

Hotel Verde Cape Town
2 min readDec 13, 2022


Hotel Verde is in the process of transitioning to crate-free pork suppliers at the behest of Chef Adrian and our passionate hospitality team.

Why are crates used in the first place?

Gestation crates are used to house sows during pregnancy on commercial factory farms to maximise profit. Keeping pigs in the tightest spaces possible allows meat producers to fit thousands of pigs into a single farm, raising their bottom line at the expense of animal welfare. Animals kept in these crates cannot express their natural behaviour, including turning around or even extending their legs fully when lying down.

Not only do the pigs suffer physical discomfort and injuries, but they also experience emotional and psychological stress when confined in gestation crates. Companies around the world are putting policies in place and committing to only procure products from crate-free suppliers. These commitments drive the demand for higher welfare standards on farms and will ultimately eliminate the use of gestation crates.

What is the alternative?

Crate-free pork producers make use of group housing for their sows instead of condemning them to small steel gestation crates. Providing open housing systems for the sows, including during pregnancy, allows them to move more freely, explore their surroundings, and socialise with other sows. This improves leg and joint health and reduces stress and aggressive behaviour. The food industry is changing along with consumer awareness, and the demand for more ethical production methods and higher welfare standards is increasing. This gives producers more confidence to transition and in turn makes it easier for ethical hospitality providers to find suppliers.

“As the greenest hotel in Africa, Hotel Verde is committed to source and serve only the highest welfare products available. As part of our animal welfare and sustainability policy, we pledge to transition our entire pork supply to come from only local farms that do not use gestation crates for pregnant sows. We are working towards a 100% implementation goal by 2023, which is in line with global crate-free deadlines.. Hotel Verde is proud to work with Humane Society International/Africa on the implementation of this animal welfare policy.”