Meet Mario Delicio — Owner, Director & Sustainability Enthusiast at Hotel Verde Cape Town

Why a green hotel?

We are not inheriting the world from our forefathers, rather we are borrowing it from our children. That is the view we must take to live more sustainably. We have, as individuals and as a company, a responsibility towards our current and future generations.

Where luxury & thrivability meet

Mario’s extensive travel experience allowed him to recognise the needs of international travellers, ensuring that Hotel Verde, aside from all the green initiatives, also had all the necessary additions to ensure convenient and comfortable travel. Annemarie, on the other hand, played a pivotal role in the interior design of the Hotel, as a counterpart to interior designer Les Harbottle.

A family business through and through

The entire Delicio family has played a huge part in making Hotel Verde what it is today. As mentioned previously Annemarie’s love for art, decor and landscaping resonates throughout the hotel and has given the hotel its home-away-from-home character and charm.



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