Nine Years of Sustainable Excellence

Hotel Verde Cape Town celebrated our 9th birthday this August, and what a celebration it was! A simple party would not suffice so we made it a month-long affair complete with Women’s Month spotlights, a birthday month competition, treats and special deals, and then we threw the party!

All about our Green Girls

National Women’s Month is celebrated in August in South Africa. We shone the spotlight on some of the incredible women who are part of the team, like our GM Caron Van Rooyen and local SME owner Nazeema Sonday who bakes delicious treats for the hotel. Throughout the month our celebrated guests also enjoyed half-price Cosmopolitans at our restaurant Nuovo, and more!

Birthday Feast
Then, on 26 August, we hosted a delightful garden party on the Hotel Verde grounds, inviting those who have supported us and worked with us to deliver the sustainable, world-class service we’re so proud of. There was music, there was beer, there were tasty morsels of all kinds and a cake to end all cakes as the cherry on top.

Our Green Story

The life motto and core beliefs of founder and CEO, Mario Delicio, form the bedrock of Hotel Verde’s operations and company vision.

“As a company, as employers, indeed even as human beings, our goal should be to live as sustainably as possible. We are merely visitors on this planet after all! Hotel Verde embodies these values and demonstrates that luxury is attainable whilst being eco-friendly,” says Mr Delicio.

Mario shared a few words with us on the future of the hotel as well as the industry. For one thing, in the near future, we’ll be investing in additional solar panels to bolster our existing sun-powered infrastructure. This will ensure an even greater environmental impact, as well as allow us to be more independent from the national grid.

“Climate change is a reality that we’re seeing unfold and everyone needs to take action. In the future carbon footprint will become more and more relevant, especially in industry, and we should be looking to that future now,” Mr Delicio reiterated.

Africa’s Greenest Hotel

We’ve been so fortunate that our guests, suppliers, and peers in the industry recognise our passion and purpose! Becoming Africa’s greenest hotel was just a part of that and we continue to offer all our guests a carbon-neutral stay that they can count on.
Still wondering what that looks like, and what it takes to #StaySustainable? Come experience it for yourself, we’ll be waiting!



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